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Titre: Japanese internally headed relatives: A hybrid analysis with Kuroda functions

motclef1: internally headed

motclef2: Kuroda relevancy

motclef3: syntax-semantics of Japanese

Auteur1: Landman Fred

Annee: 2017

typeOuvrage: article


Journal: Glossa

Vol: 1

No: 1

DOI: 10.5334/gjgl.153

Genre: Specialité

Resume_editeur: This paper argues that the analysis of Japanese internally headed relatives must steer a course between the Scylla and Charybdis of reduction to externally headed relatives and reduction to discourse anaphora. The analysis given here is based on that of Grosu & Landman (2012), but the present paper reconsiders some of the central data in Grosu & Landman (2012) in the light of the diagnostic tests given in Grosu & Hoshi (2016), and argues for a simplification of the basic analysis, which actually strengthens the theory considerably. The paper then extends the analysis given with an analytic tool – a Lombardian presupposition mechanism for Kuroda functions – which allows the implementation of the Kuroda relevancy condition (Kuroda 1976–77). It is further shown how the improved analysis can provide a semantics for so-called

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