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Titre: On Conditions for the Duplication of the Japanese Politeness Marker -Mas-

Annee: 2017

typeOuvrage: article


Genre: Specialité

Resume_editeur: Miyagawa (2012) notes that the Japanese politeness marker -mas- is a genuine Main Clause Phenomenon occurring only in main clauses, and that it is licensed by agreement within Speech Act Phrase in the topmost CP phrase of a sentence. However, it has been observed that -mas- can appear in a subset of subordinate clauses if there is also -mas- in the main clause (Uchibori 2007, 2008). However, even if an embedded clause is transparent enough to allow the -mas- duplication, the embedded -mas- is not allowed to occur under certain conditions. I argue that the embedded -mas- is blocked in a clause which involves operator movement.

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