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TitreCross-lingual Transfer Learning for {J}apanese Named Entity Recognition
Type Article dans proceedings
AuteurJohnson, Andrew
Karanasou, Penny
Gaspers, Judith
Klakow, Dietrich
LieuMinneapolis, Minnesota
Editeur scientifique
Nom de la publicationProceedings of the 2019 Conference of the North {A}merican Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies, Volume 2 (Industry Papers)
EditionAssociation for Computational Linguistics
RésuméThis work explores cross-lingual transfer learning (TL) for named entity recognition, focusing on bootstrapping Japanese from English. A deep neural network model is adopted and the best combination of weights to transfer is extensively investigated. Moreover, a novel approach is presented that overcomes linguistic differences between this language pair by romanizing a portion of the Japanese input. Experiments are conducted on external datasets, as well as internal large-scale real-world ones. Gains with TL are achieved for all evaluated cases. Finally, the influence on TL of the target dataset size and of the target tagset distribution is further investigated.

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